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Workplace Injury (WSIB) in Woodbridge

Man injured at workWorkplace injuries can disrupt your professional life and compromise your overall well-being. At Core Health Care, we specialize in providing targeted chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy care to address and resolve workplace injuries promptly.

Unfortunately, back pain, neck discomfort, and headaches are acknowledged as the primary contributors to workplace absenteeism. Our chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy services provide a safe and natural approach to workplace injury recovery, allowing you to get back to work and work comfortably for longer periods of time. Whether it is a slip, fall, repetitive strain, or ergonomic issue, injuries in the workplace can lead to chronic pain, reduced mobility, and decreased productivity.

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) provides insurance benefits/coverage to workers who have a work-related injury or illness. Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Act covers most workers, by law. The WSIB may cover health care and medical costs such as doctor’s visits, surgery, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy as well as health related products such as orthopedic bracing or custom orthotics.

If you are involved in a workplace injury and require treatment, the practitioners at Core Health Care are trained and experienced in treating various types of workplace related injuries to areas of the neck, shoulder, upper extremities, lower back, hips, and lower extremities.

Our approach to workplace injuries extends beyond pain relief, addressing the underlying source of your discomfort to promote a full and lasting recovery.

Get Started

Our treatment approach to workplace injuries is tailored to facilitate your swift return to work. If you have experienced a workplace injury—we are here for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to pain free return to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Core Health Care For Treatment For Workplace Injuries?

Our diverse services and providers use a variety of techniques to help individuals recover from workplace injuries, including spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, therapeutic exercises, ergonomic assessments, and lifestyle recommendations. By addressing the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, chiropractors can help patients regain function, reduce pain, and prevent future injuries.

How soon should I seek treatment for a workplace injury?

It’s important to seek treatment for a workplace injury as soon as possible to prevent the condition from worsening and to facilitate a faster recovery. Early intervention can help minimize pain and inflammation, restore function, and prevent long-term complications. Our clinic offers prompt appointments for individuals with workplace injuries to ensure timely and effective care.

How do I schedule a workplace injury care appointment at your clinic?

Scheduling a workplace injury care appointment at our chiropractic clinic is easy. Simply contact our office by phone or email, and our friendly staff will assist you in scheduling a convenient appointment time. You can also select the option to book online. We understand the urgency of workplace injuries and strive to accommodate same-day or next-day appointments whenever possible.


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