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New Patients at Core Health Care

Patient at reception deskWelcome to Core Health Care, where we extend a warm invitation to patients of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles. Our mission is to deliver natural and personalized care, aiming to relieve your discomfort and enhance your well-being. Through our collaborative treatment approach, we are dedicated to swiftly alleviating your symptoms and helping you lead a more comfortable, fulfilling and active lifestyle.

Your healthcare journey begins with your initial comprehensive assessment. Learn more today.


Your Initial Consultation

Your first visit will begin by completing our patient intake form where you will provide some general information about yourself and where you will learn more about our clinic policies, procedures and payment options. Next, you will meet with your practitioner to review your health history and complete a detailed physical examination, allowing them to learn more about your current health concerns and overall wellness goals. Once your practitioner has a better understanding of your condition and identifies the source of your symptoms, they will review and explain their findings in detail with you, and then begin to develop and outline a treatment plan that is right for you.

We encourage open communication and welcome any questions or concerns that you may have during your clinic experience. Our entire staff is committed to honesty and transparency and we offer additional assistance, support and clarification that would help put your mind at ease.

Reviewing information with patient

Ongoing Care

The frequency and duration of care depends entirely on the individual at hand. We understand that no two patients are the same, providing each patient with a customized plan of care based on their condition. As soon as we get you out of pain, we encourage ongoing care to help prolong your progress and promote lasting well-being. Ongoing treatment, exercise, and lifestyle modifications are essential to keeping your body healthy and happy for years to come.

Make An Appointment

We welcome you to our clinic and look forward to working with you on your journey to better health and wellness. For more information, please contact our practice.

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